Vikas Dubey – Still alive?

Nowadays eyery indian wants an aswer that why “Vikas Dubey” (gangster who murdered 8 police officers recently in kanpur,and approx 60 cases prior ) is still alive. Although everyone knows that if police wants to trace any criminal- they wont take a single day to trace him.

We are not against our police but we have few questions

  • who informed vikas dubey? about the operation of police,because according to reports the were fully prepared to counter that.
  • Is there any political link between vikas dubey and ruling party?
  • If he was sentenced to life impreserment why is he still out?
  • Reports are saying that recently he was traced in “faridabad” then why police aren’t able to catch him.

So here we would like to conclude that “vikas dubey” is still alive. And nobody is ready to answer that why he is not catched yet. We Demand that he must be catched alive,so that we would be able to trace the link between him and any political party, if any!

Thank You.

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