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Hello everyone,

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So before starting the blog I would like to clarify that whatever I am writing in this blog is my personal view on this topic and some fact included in that. So if I say anything wrong or hurts your feeling then I am sorry in advance.


In the current scenario, I have analyzed that our Indian youth is taking themselves for-granted or becoming lazy. The myth here is that most of us think that we can’t do anything or we don’t want to do anything, we think that we will achieve success without any hard work or just by scrolling our social media ids. Another myth is that we think books are useless and we can’t get anything by reading it. One more myth and might be the worst myth we can think:- we think that patriotism, love, and friendship are confined till social media only, I mean if anyone of us wants to show patriotism we upload a status or any post related to that, nowadays we are more close to our mobile phones than our parents.


 First of all let me clear one thing that nobody is extraordinary from birth – Their journey, hard work,passion, and way of looking at the world makes them extraordinary. So before saying that I can’t do anything or I am meant to do ( 9-5 job), think and analyze successful people who had achieved something in life. They were also from us, they were not born extraordinary, they were not aliens. But they choose to become extraordinary and worked on it, I can give you many examples like- Bill gates, warren buffet, Ritesh Agarwal(founder of Oyo and a billionaire started his company at the age of 19). There is no term like Destiny, if you choose to become successful then you will become successful. Just believe in yourself and ignore what people think or say, Work on your dreams until you achieve it and don’t stop before that because if they can do why can’t we us – we are also having the same body, same brain, same hands legs everything. The difference is only one that they believed in their dream and was passionate about it until they achieve it.

secondly, we ( Indian youth) think that books are useless but my friends let me clear you one thing that book means( Big ocean of knowledge) which is the most important resource to become successful. You can ask any billionaire or successful person that how they achieved success – they will say we read books that provide direction to our goal. For instance: Warren buffet ( richest investor in the world) states that whatever he became today is because of reading books and acquiring knowledge because it is believed that ” An idiot with a plan can easily beat a genius without a plan” and books provide guidance to frame a plan.

Please stop thinking that social media is everything– if you feel anything whether it is love, patriotism, or care or any other feeling, don’t post it 0n social media always. I am not saying that posting anything is wrong but I am just saying that do what is meant to be done actually. like if you wanna show patriotism then instead of posting it on social media – do something for our Nation, doing something for the nation doesn’t mean that you can only do by going out on border and fight for our nation ( By the way soldiers and farmers are meant to be the most loved people). You can also contribute without going to the border like you can start your own company because it will ultimately help the nation. After all, Gdp and employment will increase( I am not saying that you can only open a company, I have just given an example that what can be done to help our nation). Secondly please don’t do charity to click pictures and post it on social media, this is for self-satisfaction. Try to help someone from your heart instead of publicity- You will feel immense pleasure guys.

Suggestion and conlusion:-

 so guys at I would say that work hard for nation, parents and yourself. Not only work hard but also work smart as well. Dream big and achieve whatever you want because I believe that “you can only achieve anything when you will think of it”. for instance:- Ms. Dhoni would not have been a cricketer if he had not thought of it, he could have satisfied with a government job. But he didn’t – he believed in his dreams and worked on it and rest everyone knows the history. One more thing guys by word success I don’t mean that you have to become a billionaire, I believe that if someone has achieved his goal or whatever he wants to become in life then he is successful irrespective of his earning. At last, I would also suggest you read books give below for self-growth, you can also purchase them from the given link.

1:- The power of your subconcious mind:- https://amzn.to/2OhjZda

2:- Think and grow rich:- https://amzn.to/328Dwo8

3:- Rich Dad Poor Dad:- https://amzn.to/3gRCuAW

Thank you.


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  1. That was a real motivator! 👍

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    1. danishsiddiqui786 says:

      Thank you !

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