Humanity is the only religion!

I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the highest source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.

___Mahatma Gandhi
Source: Quotes Gram

These were very deep words said by Mahatma Gandhi. If I say in one line he meant to say that we all are one and we should work together for unity and love. But on the other hand if you look around yourself today there is no love, no unity among human being. Everybody is fighting with each other- someone is fighting for a piece of land, someone is fighting to prove himself superior, someone is fighting for power and politics. But we have forget one thing “that we all are like tenant on this planet and one day we all have to leave and everything will be left behind”.


The biggest myth of human beings is that fighting with a fellow human being will make themselves superior. They think that by acquiring lands of others or discriminating them by (religion, caste, language, color, country) will make them superiors. Even today when we are so much educated still we don’t leave a single chance to degrade others whether on social media or in real life. But we feel happy to do this, I am not saying that all of us are like this but most of us are becoming like this.


first of all, let me clarify one thing to you guys that we all belong to one species. I mean if we all are a human being then why we think that another guy is different? Now let’s talk about some fact:- If you believe in( God, Allah, Bhagwan) then you must know that every religion has there own rules and sayings. Can anyone give me proof that their religion or other religion states to discriminate against others or degrade others? No, you can’t prove because there no religion in this world who spread hatred, every religion’s motive is to spread peace and harmony among others.

Now if you believe in science you all must know that we are evolved from animals to human beings. That means there was no discrimination at the starting we all were same and there were no boundaries as well everyone was living together without any boundaries and discrimination.

Nowadays the world has been divided into countries and countries have been divided into different states. Countries are fighting to prove them superior and to extend their boundaries due to which innocent people lost their lives. You can read history and also analyze the current scenario, Time is changed but people didn’t just because few people who want to prove themselves superior- millions of people lose their life. That’s the reason most of the country’s defense budget is much higher than their education and health budget.


So guys without getting deeper into the topic I have told you some myths and facts, So you can understand that we all are human beings we have only one religion that is love. Life is uncertain nobody knows how long will they live, so till then we are living our only motive should be to spread love and harmony people. And if we will only spread love and harmony among us then there will not be any wars ahead and the money we were using to fight, we will use it to make earth beautiful again, to reduce population and for a social cause. At last I will only say that don’t hate or discriminate against others, life is too short to hate, everything(Land, money, power) will remain here only when you will die. “You have come bare hands and you will go bare hands”. Spread Love and make this world beautiful for our future generations, so that instead of cursing us for our sins- they feel happy to remember us.

Thank you


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