Must have Skills to look Extraordinary from Ordinary!

“Skill is the most valuable asset a man can acquire. And acquiring skill is the most economical and valuable asset a man can have”.

 So with this quote, I want to start this blog, According to me a person whether young or old should focus on acquiring new skills. Because in the current scenario when the unemployment rate is increasing day by day you can only survive when you have the latest skills what is Demanded. You can read my blog on Unemployment in India: Current situation and ways to come out as well, by clicking on the link Or by visiting on my site

Currently, most of the youth are in a rat race, like if their friend is doing MBA then they also start doing an MBA, Guys please come out of this rate, if you want to look extraordinary then you don’t need a degree or diploma because everyone is having it. You have to develop different skills or you have to learn new skills which are in demand or will be in demand in the coming future. In this blog, I am going to tell you a few skills or courses you can do to become extraordinary.

Upcoming Trend:

Source: Microsoft

So, you can conclude from the above-given image that the upcoming trend is of Digitization most jobs are from computer skills, then must need to develop skills related to Computer, AI Etc. I am going to tell you major courses you can do, irrespective of the streams you belong to. Anyone Can Do it.

1. Digital Marketing:

Although this is not the most Demanding field still I have kept this at No.1 because of some reason: This is the easiest and economical course anyone can learn. Most of the companies Currently perform Marketing online, for that they need Digital marketers, secondly, if you have this skill I mean if you know how to do Digital marketing then you don’t need to get out from home, you can be self-employed, you can create your website and earn from it. Further, you can take freelance works from different companies and work from home. One more reason to keep this course at No1 was that anyone can learn this and easy to learn, And it is quite economical as well. I enrolled in this course for only Rs 25,000 which is quite economical in comparison to the value which it will give. Google is also providing a free digital marketing course with Certification you can click on the link to enroll for this course for free

2. Software Development:

This is one of the most Demanding skills currently and in the upcoming future as well. Currently, every company wants that they must be operating through app or software, like Amazon is an app, Facebook is an app, You can think from yourself that what can you do from this skill if you have it. Like we can take an example of “Mark Zuckerberg” he builds a software named “Facebook”, and everybody knows him to know he’s one of the top10 richest people of the planet.

3. AI, Machine Learning, Data Analysis:

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the future, All this Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Science comes under Artificial Intelligence, You can learn them separately and you can become specialized in any one of the fields. But the best part is all these fields are trending and Demanding. Artificial intelligence means Computerized brain, I don’t know the exact definition but I can give you an example like Drone camera, it is based on AI and due to Drone 2 people lost their job: One is Pilot and Second is cameramen, So you can conclude yourself that what is coming future, Alexa is also an example of AI.

Although it is complex to learn if you want to learn then anyone can learn it. For instance: My friend Who belongs to the Commerce field has enrolled in this course and now he has learned a lot and doing well in this field. So If he can Do then you can Also.


These were the Top 3 fields or skills I want you guys to focus, This field includes many subcategories like Digital Marketing have(Seo, Social Media Marketing, etc), AI have( Data Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep learning, etc.) You can be specialized in any one of them all are good. Further, If you want me to write in detail about these courses then you can tell me.

At last, I will only suggest you guys that please come out of the rat race and before selecting any course, analyze the market trend instead of being in a rat race. Because if you will do what market is not Demanding then ultimately you are wasting money. If you have lack of money then you can learn different courses online for free. Like Google is providing many free courses you can click on the link and select whichever course you want (

Thank You.

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  1. Oh! Goodness’. I’m glad that you’re making people educated. Keep up the good work Danish. I wish you all the luck 🙂


    1. danishsiddiqui786 says:

      Thank u


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