Sushant Singh Rajput: Few Questions remain unanswered?

Body Dies Soul is immortal. The more you will miss that person, the more his soul will become powerful.


 It’s being more than a month of “Sushant Singh Rajput’s” Casualty and even now nobody can clearly state that whether it was Suicide or Murder. The sad part here is that with a period people start forgetting him, although at the beginning of this incident everyone was saying that we are with you “Sushant”, we will appeal for justice. I am angry with most of the Memers, Influencers, and different people that, what happens now? at the starting you gained publicity, followers, likes, and all on the name of “Sushant”, I have seen many posts on Instagram like if you love “Sushant” then like or follow, What is this Guys? you gained followers and when the time came to ask for Unbiased investigation for him, then you are not showing anything, because it will not give you followers, right?

Few Questions Remain Unanswered:

  • Rummy Jaffrey stated that Sushant was happy 2 days before, discussion about the next movie was going on. If he was happy then why will he commit suicide?
  • Why did Sushant change 50 sims?
  • Why his family wasn’t aware of his depression?
  • His Servant (Deepesh) caught with 22 lakh rupees. what was the reason?
  • Height b/w fan and Bed was 5’11, and Sushant’s height was 6’1, there will be partial hanging, not complete hanging, on what behalf police is saying that it was suicide?
  • What was the need to change the ambulance on the way?
  • Most Important, If it was suicide then where is the suicide note?


After concluding all these points I think there is something suspicious behind this case. How can a person commit suicide who have shown ways to others to not commit suicide with his movie(Chhichhore)? The person who builds his career from Zero to Hero already becomes that much strong that he can fight any situation, Suicide is not the option for them, because they are mentally very strong. Is there anyone or any power who is trying to Divert this case?

Suggestion To All:

Guys, please stop being so much Selfish, if you want like, follow or something else then show anything else, stop making fun of anyone’s death, he has gone. And if you want justice for Sushant then, Demand CBI Enquiry for Sushant. If you feel that Mumbai Police is not Doing Well then Demand CBI for Sushant. And from Next time think before sharing the post like “If you love Sushant then follow us”. Instead, Share the post like CBI for Sushant.

Thank You.

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  1. This is a great thought Danish. I’m very proud of you for this article.
    This is impressive and thoughtful. I hope people respect this, the way this deserves. The way you deserve.
    I hope you go ahead and achieve the most out of it.
    You’re doing a good work. Keep the spirits high.


    1. danishsiddiqui786 says:

      Thank You.


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