A.R. Rahman and Nepotism In Bollywood: There is a whole Gang Working against me In Bollywood!

A.R Rahman in his latest interaction with Radio Mirchi, Stated that “There is a whole gang working against me in Bollywood” this is the reason why he is not working in many movies in Bollywood.

He shared a recent incident, he said, “When Mukesh Chhabra came to me, I gave him four songs in two days. He told me, Sir, how many people said don’t go to him(AR Rahman) and they told me stories”. I heard that and now I understand why I am doing less work in Bollywood. Why fewer movies are coming to me. He said, “People are expecting me to do work, but there is a gang of people preventing that to happen”.

Source: Dna India

This is heartbreaking, A person who won “OSCAR” for our country one of the top composers, Is facing this kind of challenge in the Industry. And those who haven’t done anything for our country.

Please Raise Your Voice!

It’s My humble request to you all, to raise your voice against this Nepotism in Bollywood. Because I have already told you in my last blog of Nepotism In Bollywoodhttps://thetrutheye.com/2020/07/10/nepotism-in-bollywood/, that it’s us Who makes any ordinary person stars or superstar. So we have to raise a voice against this. We have seen the Incident of “Sushant Singh Rajput”, what happen to him. When people like A.R Rahman and Sushant(who are best in their field) are facing this kind of issue then what would be happening with those newcomers who don’t belong to this Industry.

Don’t let another incident happen like “Sushant’s” It’s in our hand we can save them. So start supporting talented people so that they achieve what they deserve!

Thank you.

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  1. Very rightly said Danish ji!

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    1. danishsiddiqui786 says:

      Thank u Mam.

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  2. Bahut Sundar likhte ho yar !!!
    Well done. Bahut aage jaoge.
    I hope the truthness brings a change.

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    1. danishsiddiqui786 says:

      Thank u.


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