Boycotting Chinese products is not the solution: Case Study of China’s Success!

If you want to beat someone then instead of pulling them down focus on developing yourself.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started instead of dreaming.

So, Currently, China has become the biggest threat to the world because of its expansion and dominating thinking. Especially for his neighbors like India, Bhutan, and many other countries. China wants to become the worlds’ Biggest superpower. So, today I am going to tell you how china has achieved this power. And how we (India) can beat china in this race: The real solution.

China’s Journey In The Race of Becoming Superpower:

  • We will not go deep into History, The story begins in 1980, China decided to become the world’s superpower and richest country in the world.
  • They studied the USA’s growth history and realized the only way to become the most powerful was through commerce.
  • So they pushed entrepreneurship among Youth in china with a condition to share all the customer’s data of the world with the Chinese Government.
  • In 1980 India’s economy was Worth: 186 Billion Dollar and China’s was Worth: 191 Billion Dollar. And in 2019 India’s Economy was 2.9 trillion dollars and china’s was 14.1 trillion dollars.
  • Within 40 years china became 5 times bigger than India and the world’s 2nd most powerful country.

Reason Behind China’s Success:

  • Governance: We all know China is ruled by only one party (Communist Party of China), there is no opposition, so there is no hurdle only one goal to become the world’s biggest superpower. And they want to achieve it by hook or by crook.
  • Youth: When china decided to become a superpower of the world then its youth believe in this dream and also give their contribution to this Dream. You can analyze that most of the youth there believe in Entrepreneurship instead of working under someone.
  • EXIM Policy: Exim policy means (Export-Import policy) their main motive is to export more and import less, this is the reason if you will try to export something in China they will charge heavy taxes and duties.
  • Cloning technique: Instead of importing from outside they try to clone everything in their country Like Amazon’s clone = Alibaba. And these companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook are banned In China because they don’t want to benefit other nations and have build clones in their country.

There are many reasons behind china’s success but these were few I wanted to tell you,

What are we(India) Lacking:

  • Youth’s Power: India has the biggest youth power in the world but wait and think “Quantity doesn’t matter quality matters”. How many of them are think like entrepreneurs? look around yourself you will get your answer. In china’s success youth have played a very key role, And we have the biggest youth power- why can’t we contribute?
  • Governance: We all know about this fact that the Indian government is not capable to build the nation. They have only one motive to fight election come into power and forget about real issues and divert public. One party blame the other party and ask what they have done. They should be focusing on developing nations.
  • Corruption: You all are aware of this term and you might have experienced this, if you want to get any work done then you have to bribe government officials. Suppose, If the government passes a tender of Rs10 crore to build a road then because of this corruption the amount 10 core will automatically decrease till it reaches the contractor. Then you tell me how the nation will develop?.

Can we(India) become the world’s biggest superpower?

Source: Meenakshi Public School

The answer is of course “yes”. Yes, we can become the biggest superpower the main reason behind it is our Youth. We have the biggest youth power in the world and we are skilled as well. We just need to utilize this youth power incorrectly way. Now the time has to come to think like entrepreneurs, change your job oriented thinking.

Challenge Accepted!

source: Twitter

Just look at this tweet, He is trying to challenge us (India) and Mr. Anand Mahindra accepted this on behalf of all of us, now we must complete this challenge.

India was Biggest Superpower Once:

when Mughal Emperor (Aurangzeb) was ruling in India, India’s GDP contribution was approx. 25% of the total world economy. It was the wealthiest nation in the world then why can’t we do it again?. We have many more resources now.

This is the correct time to take charge:

Every nation in the world have seen China’s intention, and now they want to come out of there, they want to shift their plants and companies, and India is the best option for them. we have to take advantage of this situation, we have to encourage Make In India. This will be a lesson to China, and we will start on the way of becoming Superpower again.


After analyzing everything, I will suggest you Guys that now start taking charge, stop being job oriented think differently think innovative. Banning their Apps or products is a good decision but this is not the only option or way to beat them. We have to build our apps, companies, etc. And we as Indians should only support Make In India. Because now it came to our nations’ pride and we will not let it down, we will beat them soon.

Support Make In India.

Thank You.

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