Do Mughals brought Raksha Bandhan to India? Read the fact!


Recently a trend is prevailing on twitter that “Do Mughals brought Raksha Bandhan to India”. This all incident started right after the tweet by a Twitter account called “True Indologhy”. This twitter account is like all the others fact less account present on twitter whose sole motive is to spread rumors . They claimed in their tweet that eminent historian “Rana Safi” declares that Mughals Invented Rakhi in 18th century.

Source: Twitter


  • Rana Safvi claimed that Mughals Invented Rakhi in 18th century.
  • Mughals Invented Rakhi.


  • “Rana Safvi” never declared that Mughals Invented Rakhi, The article published by Hindustan times in 2018 misquoted Safvi in the headline. Safvi translated the book (Bazm-e-Akhir) in 2018, earlier written by Mughal Coutier Munshi Faizuddin in 1885, this article came right after the book. “It was an error on the part of the publisher. The headline and the blurb was not written by me. The mughals did not bring Raksha Bandhan to India, they embraced the festival. If anything, the story only highlights how Hindu traditions were often embraced by Mughal rulers,”Safvi tells News 18 in a phone conversation. The historian clarified that when the 2018 article came out with this headline, she wrote to the editor of the paper and had a correction issued. The paper ran a corrected version of the story with a fresh headline “How the Mughal Court Embraced Raksha Bandhan”.
  • Mughals never invented Rakhi = They Embraced it. The story begins in 1759 when Mughal Emperor Alamgir 2 was killed by his wazir Gazhi ud-Din Khan Feroze Jung – 3. The wazir lured the king to the Jama Masjid in Feroz Shah Kotla and killed him and threw his body into the river. A Hindu woman found the floating body of the emperor along the river. The woman guarded Alamgir’s body until his coterie arrived and he was buried in Humayun’s tomb. To honor the woman, the emperor’s successor declared the woman his sister. From then on, on the festival of Raksha Bandhan(which Mughal referred to as Salona) the Hindu woman would come to the Mughal court to tie a Rakhi to the mughal Kingh and receive gifts in return. Shah Alam 2 began the practice of celebrating Raksha Bandhan to honour a Hindu woman.


So at last we can say this tweet was fake just to spread rumors and hate. Before coming to a conclusion you all must research about that news or and tweet, do not believe on any tweet or news until you check the fact. Their are huge number of people present on social media who just want to spread rumors and hate. We all must unite together wo fight against them. We all are one and born to spread love. Nothing else.

Happy Raksha Bandhan To All.

Thank you


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