Rajeev Tyagi Died during a Channel debate! Sambit patra responsible?

Source: Siasat.com

Recently in a Debate at “AAJ Tak” Congress Spokesperson died due to cardiac arrest. This really very sad news that Panelist are now dieing in debates. This is happening because of the the language used by panelists. Currently news channels became the place for hate and not for informing people.

In The video above you can see how Sambit was behaving with Mr. Tyagi , Our only question is that do we need these kind of debates ? which only spread hate. Indian news channel is becoming worst day-by-day . We all should appeal to file a case against “Sambit Patra” . Because these kind of language became a day to day activity for him. He always try to humiliate others on the basis of religion, caste, beliefs etc. These kind of behavior must be banned other wise this country will be filled with hate only.

Spread Love.


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