How to find Happiness(Peace) in life?

Happiness is a state of mind. It’s just according to the way you look things.

Walt Disney

In current scenario almost everyone of us are searching for Happiness or peace in our life but most of us are not getting success to find it, because we all are searching it in the form of (Money, luxury life, Expensive cars etc. ). But this is not the way where you will get Happiness or peace as far as your life in concern. Every coin has two sides, that’s why I am not claiming that money can’t give you happiness for some people money might be the source of happiness. I just want to say that money is just a tool not a goal, our ultimate goal is to live our life happily. So In today’s blog I am going to tell you how to find Happiness(Peace) in life.

Our History:

It’s my belief that everyone should read history because “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it” . We (Human beings ) are on this planet from millions of years but we know the history of only few thousand years. Ancient History is divided into several ages:-

  • Paleolithic Period: 2 million Bc – 10,000Bc
  • Mesolithic Period: 10,000Bc – 8,000Bc
  • Neolithic Period: 8,000Bc – 4,000Bc
  • Chalcolithic Period: 4,000Bc – 1500Bc
  • Iron age: 1500Bc – 200Bc

So these were the some Periods of Ancient history the point to tell you these were that from how long we human beings are living on this planet, around millions of years ago. But at that time there were no form money, money was only introduced few thousand year ago. That means ancient people don’t have money, were they not happy? . Of course they were happy because their only motive was to live and for that they only need food, shelter, water etc. Also religion was not there, nobody was fighting on the basis of religion. If we talk about religion “Hindu” religion is said to be the oldest religion in India, Which was started around 1500Bc When “Aryans” Invaded or we can say Migrated from Middle Asia(exact place is not confirmed) and Wrote “Four Vedas”, Also it is debatable between historians that when “Hinduism” started because we found some traces of Hinduism in “Indus Valley Civilization” also. So my motive here to tell you the history was that ancient people were not having and kind of money, religion or anything else. Still they were happy because their mind were happy, it is truly said that happiness is nothing but only state of mind.

Ashoka the Great( Mauryan Empire)

So, We all know about Ashoka the great who won or we can say ruled the entire India. But how many of you know that later on he adopted Buddhism and Became a peace loving person. There is a story behind it:- It is said that Ashoka captured almost entire India but left with acquiring “Kalinga”(Present Day Odisha) so he annexed Kalinga in around 261Bc , The war started and large number of genocide occur, it is said that land of Kalinga was filled with blood and flesh, Ashoka went very upset while seeing this, although he won the war but he was not happy because of the genocide. This incident created a great impact on his life and later on he abandon the wars and adopted Buddhism and also started his own “Dhamma”. And promoted all over the world to live with peace.

So here with the the life of Ashoka we learned that even a big empire, luxury life, Money. Didn’t gave him peace in life , at the end his own state on mind given him the peace when he started living for the people.

How Can we find our Happiness?

As is said earlier happiness is only the state of mind, happiness may vary person to person but one thing is confirm that you will find it within yourself, you have to analyze what makes you happy and start working on it for example:-

  • One person might feel happy while cooking – so he/she must only focus to find your happiness there.
  • For one person money might be the source of happiness.
  • For one person working for others might make them happy.

Source of Happiness for people might be differ person to person but ultimately it is in your mind if you will feel happy from inside you will look happy from outside as well.

What should be Done?

I would suggest you to wake up one day at morning 5 am, sit in a corner and start evaluating yourself find that one thing that makes you happy, that gives you peace. Once you are able to find that one thing now start working on it. One more thing if you want to be happy throughout your life then you have to choose your career according to your source of happiness.

For example:- If your source of happiness is playing cricket then try to make career in cricket field. Even if you didn’t get success, still you will be feeling happy because playing cricket makes you happy not being selected.


I have told you the history, you know the present. If you want to live happily, then try to feel happy from inside. Problems are with everyone in this world but it’s on you that you deals with it, if you will deal problems with inner peace then the problem will automatically wipe out. So try to find your source of happiness and live your life happily.

Stay Happy.

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