Advertisement or Necessities ?

Necessities are the basic needs which a person acquires regarding food, shelter and health. In country like India where more than half population still struggles with basic needs and health, is it a economical and logical decision to spend crores of rupee on just the advertisement. Advertisements are the means for survival for various industries and a very powerful tool to reach out the wide audience but is it a viable decision to invest crores in it.


Modi government has been the most talked and most powerful economy of its type, its been 6 years of its continuous operation, with various ups and down during it. From being involved and increasing relations with various developed and developing economies, giving the terrorism a powerful answer with URI attack, removing restrictions from Kashmir by removing article 370(a), supporting the lower section by launching all new schemes like PMKVY, Skill India etc.., supporting tourism and various activities to develop our economy, the government is taking various decisions too which are not at all in favor for the economy. According to a RTI query filed by Mumbai based journalist Jatin Desai, the Modi government spent Rs 713.20 crore on advertisement. The information includes the data between April 1, 2019 and march 31, 2020. According to the sources the government has spent Rs 295.05 crore on print media and Rs 317.05 crore on electronic media, Rs 101.01 crore on outdoor advertisement where it has no answer for the expenditure incurred on foreign media. It is the Tax payer money which is spent on expenditure. Where the data of financial year 2017-18 says the government had spent Rs 1315.83 crore on the advertisement, where as the data of financial year 2018-19 remains disclosed.

According to the statistics, nearly 38%(380 million) population of India is poor and below poverty line which is struggling with basic needs. The WHO indicates that India ranks very high among the nations affected by the rising wave of premature deaths caused by non-communicable diseases, which account for 60% of all deaths in India, roughly 5.8 million Indians die because of diabetes, cancer, stroke, heart and lung diseases each year. In other words, out of 4 Indians 1 has risks dying from an NCD before the age of 70.

So after all the study the question still remains that whether necessities are important or the advertisement. Its a question which remains unanswered and ignored.

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  1. Very useful and informative!! Thank you!!


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