Unemployment In India: An Issue or Just Myth?

You are only unemployed until you are waiting for some other person to give you the opportunity.

If you are skilled enough or ready to work then nobody can stop you to earn money.

________Danish Siddiqui.

The Quote above is not said by any famous personality, This is my belief that if you are ready to work hard then nobody can stop you to earn money. So Yes today I am going to discuss “Unemployment in India”. Currently, the most Important problem, whose solution needs to find out as soon as possible.

Unemployment in India: Current Situation.

Source: Trading Economics

So this is the current situation of “Unemployment Rate in India”, and I guess I don’t need to tell you because you all are aware that due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many corporates have fired their employees. So I am not going to get deep into it, that what is happening and how it happened, through this blog I will try to show some ways to get rid of unemployment and I will also show some myths and facts about Unemployment, at last, will also tell you my personal experience that encourages me to write this blog.

Myths about Unemployment In India:

  • Only government is responsible for our Unemployment.
  • Degree or formal Education is mandatory to earn money or get employed.
  • Getting a Job will solve all your problems related to money.
  • Business is not our Cup of tea.

Facts about Unemployment In India

  •   First of all, you can’t rely on the government or others to give you an opportunity or job, it’s your life and you have to work hard to make it beautiful. I am not saying that Govt is not responsible, they too are responsible for this situation of India. But I am just saying you also have to work for it, you just can’t complain that Govt is not giving us a job, there are several schemes by Govt, of which you might be unaware, one of those is NSIC(https://www.nsic.co.in/ )you can visit its official site for detailed information.
  • Let me clarify one thing that you don’t need any degree or any formal education to earn money, if you can think differently or if you can think creatively then you just have to work hard only to earn money. I am telling this from my personal experience, I don’t have any degree yet because I am In the final year of my college, and due to Coronavirus, exams have not been conducted yet. So, I am not graduated but hire those people who have already done MBA from (IIMs ) or any other reputed institute or those who have much more experience than me- to work under me, I am not degrading them, they might be much more talented than me but my point here is that skills and mindset are much more valuable than a degree.
  • Getting a Job will never solve your financial problems whether you have a salary of 10,000 Rs or 1crore Rs because its a well-known fact that if you will earn more then you will spend more and ultimately you will fall in debt. So you have to acquire financial knowledge (which is not taught in schools), you have to create different streams of your Income, because if your job is the only source of your income then you are on the way to poverty. To learn financial knowledge you can read this book: Rich Dad Poor Dad(https://amzn.to/3gRCuAW) which is one of the most selling books to acquire financial knowledge.
  • Stop being in a rat race, stop running behind Job. Everyone has realized one thing, because of Coronavirus that Job is Not secured- you will be fired anytime. And if your job is the only source of income then you and your family have to suffer a lot. so my suggestion would be to start working on yourself, to make yourself self-employed. Start a business with less capital, start thinking like a businessman. Everyone can do Business if he believes to do it, Just think positively and take the first step. Every successful businessman has started from zero, the difference between them and you is only that they have taken the first step and you are still thinking.

My Personal Experience:

So right before this coronavirus pandemic, I and my Company’s MD have predicted that there will be huge unemployment ahead. So we have decided to launch a business model which will give opportunities to people, where they can work as the company’s distributor without any capital, Zero capital required. And No higher qualification required, also their share per sale is very handsome and additional benefits as well. We are also providing a platform to make your passive income source. But the sad part for me came when I started taking interviews, then I saw that 70% of people are not ready to come out of the Comfort zone, they only want a fixed salary job of approx. 20k Rs where on the other hand I am allowing them to earn lakhs and generate passive income sources where they will we getting money even if they are not working. Now you decide which situation is better and if you want to start something of your own you can message me on my social media account( you will find them on the contact section of this website).


  • Start working on yourself, to make yourself self employed.
  • Start a business whether small or big.
  • Make different sources of your income.
  • Focus to develop skills, don’t chase degree.
  • Always be motivated, read this blog , I have written this for our youth(https://thetrutheye.com/2020/07/11/wake-up-youth/).
  • Please Guys come out of your comfort zone and start working hard.

At last I will only say that earning money is not difficult, Please believe in yourself.

Thank you.

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