Coronavirus and human behavior: Latest Update!

So today we are going to talk about Coronavirus or Covid-19. So yes currently everyone is happy because most of the countries have started unlocking the country, it’s okay that you are happy! but wait let me clarify one thing that don’t correlate unlock with a reduction in cases or reduction of the threat of coronavirus.

Current situation Globally

Source: World Health Organization

So you can see the above-given graph by(World Health Organization) which clearly states that the number of cases is Increasing Day by Day, although there is little bit fluctuation in the graph but ultimately it is moving upward.

Current Situation In India

Source: World Health Organization

The above-given graph is of India, which also clearly states that the number of cases is increasing day by day. Total cases- 906,752, Total Deaths- 23,727.

The Real Concern:

The data which I have shown above might not be the exact situation, the situation is getting worst than this. I am saying this because these Data were made based on testing, and we all know that the testing is much lesser than required, which is shown in the graph given below:-

So one graph shows the Testing on India( Around 8.5 tests per 1000 people). And in the second graph, I have taken major Countries like the united states, United Kingdom, Italy, India, etc( Around 120 tests per 1000 people). Guys I have shown you the facts now you tell me have we overcome this pandemic? If I talk about India: If we are testing only around 8.5 in every 1000 people, so how could we say that we are about to overcome this threat, I would say the situation is getting worst in India and we have to seriously work on it, Currently this is the real issue.


So I have shown you all the latest facts and you are mature enough to analyze the situation. The fight is not over yet and we have to prepare for it, focus on the facts instead of focusing on fake media. My request to all:

  • Please wear Mask.
  • Take special care of children’s and old age people.
  • Sanitize your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.
  • Please avoid touching anyone (whether they are your relative’s friends or family) safety first.
  • Don’t attend any parties or functions.

These were some major points I wanted to highlight because I have analyzed that most of the people think that if lockdown is over then corona is also over, but guys please be serious, this disease is not a joke it has taken lives of many people. So please be serious about this and take precautions for yourself and for your family as well.

I just want to clarify that the data which I have shown is not made by me, It was taken from different sources like (World Health Organization) so please be serious about this. And the Data is till 13 July because I am writing this blog on (14 July 2020)

Thank You.


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