Hunger Of Politics and Power!

Government is instituted for the common good: for the protection, safety, prosperity and happiness of the people; and not for the profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men.

———–John Adams

Very well said by John Adams that government is for the welfare of society not for their own welfare. But most politicians today join politics just only to make money and for power. I am not saying that all the politicians are the same but most of them are like this only, once they came in politics then they think themselves as superior like they have become a god and they can take decision whatever they want. 

Indian Politics:

Yes, I am gonna talk about Indian Politics today. Everyone knows that what’s going on in Indian politics today. Recently the hottest topic in Indian politics is- “Will Sachin pilot and his supportive MLA’s will Join BJP”? which might result in the fall of Congress government in Rajasthan. The same thing happened In Madhya Pradesh earlier. I am Not In favor of any political party. But I just want to ask that what is this happening in India? If one government is elected by the public then who has given the right to them to cheat the public and change the political party. Is this what Democracy is? where political parties will decide who will be our leader. It’s our hardly own money which they are using to buy Political leaders to form Government.

They are not God:

 It’s my humble request to you all that please stop making them god. Please stop showing that we have only one option, we have a population of more than 1.3 billion, and do we have only one option? and nobody can take his place, Stop being emotional about any political party. Let me clarify this with an example: let’s take an example of A Joint Stock company: There are many shareholders in a company who have the right to choose their leader(CEO) They choose CEO on their behalf to take decisions for welfare of the Company. And if they find that the CEO is not working well for the company then they Change the CEO and elect the new one. The same way India is like a company( Although it’s our heart emotion love everything our life, but we are just assuming here) and we are like shareholders and Politicians are like CEO and Directors, we elect them, we give them our money in the form of Tax and they have to use our money for our welfare and not for their welfare. We have full right to ask, what they are doing with our hardly owned money, and if they don’t do good then we will change our leader as well and get a new one without getting emotional.

It’s Our Fault:

 As a public, it’s our fault because we have given them right to do this. Because we choose that leader who is not capable to lead us, who is not educated enough about the economy and how to lead. We choose them because they belong to the same religion and they talk about the welfare of religion. Let me clarify one thing (God, Allah, Bhagwan ) doesn’t need anyone to save them because they have created the Universe and they have created us as well so they don’t need anyone to save them. So please stop giving the vote to those politicians who are saying that they will save you religion, instead give the vote to those Who are talking about real issues like the welfare of the country, economy, employment, etc.

Sir A.P.J Abdul Kalam:

Source: News 24*7

Today’s Politicians must learn from him, he was one of the most loved and respected person In India because of his honesty, love towards the nation, and spotless image. Let me tell you a story: When he was the President of India his family came to meet him and asked him that they want to see Delhi, then he showed them Delhi with his self-owned money, instead of using Govt. Vehicle. So we must learn from him, on the other hand, there are many politicians today who have property worth millions.


 My only suggestion to you will be to stop being emotional or “bhakt” of any political party. They are not doing a favor for us, we are paying them and they have to work for us. If not then we will change them and will get a new leader who will work for us. we have more than 1.3 billion options. And instead of focusing on religion, caste, etc, focus on real issues like education, health GDP, etc.

At last, if I said something wrong then I am sorry, My sole motive was to clarify the facts and to educate you.

Thank you


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