Why BCCI is not ready to Boycott China? Amit Shah’s son is secretary of BCCI!

Source: IPLT20.com

BCCI has declared the opening of IPL 2020. It will start from 19th September. To be held in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

But this is not the main topic. You can see the image above and you will notice that Chinese company (VIVO) is still there. That means BCCI haven’t cancelled their contract. Chinese Company VIVO is still sponsoring IPL. Let me clarify one more thing to you= “Home Minister Amit Shah’s” Son “Jay Shah”(Who haven’t played a single game for India) is Secretary of BCCI.

Now we want to ask that only common people are responsible for supporting our soldier? Recently China had killed our soldiers- then every Indian pledged to boycott china to support our soldiers. Then why they are not boycotting them? Is money is more important for them in comparison to our soldiers?

This BJP Government who always pretend that they love our Soldiers, then why they are not able to stop VIVO’s sponsorship? Even after Home Minister’s son is the Secretary of BCCI. They Demand all of us to Boycott china but the won’t do it themselves. Height of hypocrisy.

My request to you all that ask questions to the power, Otherwise, there will not be any accountability for them and they will do whatever they want. If we are paying tax then we can ask questions as well.

We Love our Soldiers.


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